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La Lavandería A Bajos Precios

Laundromat In Bakersfield At Niles And Sterling

365 Days a Year - 5am - 11pm - Last Wash 10pm

1305 Sterling Rd.
Bakersfield, CA 93306
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Laundomat Mix (Equipo)

6 Load Washers (Lavadoras de 6 Cargas)
4 Load Washers (Lavadoras de 4 Cargas)
2 Load Washers (Lavadoras de 2 Cargas)
1 Load Washers (Lavadoras de 1 Carga)
Dryers (Secadoras)

The most thrifty laundromat in Bakersfield, Alma's Thrifty Wash is the best located at Niles and Sterling!

Are you tired of dryers that don't dry and expensive laundromats that don't work half of the time?  Forget spending extra money on cards that you never fully you never use. Instead use our simple laundromat coin washers and dryers and save time and money.

La lavandería para todos.
¡La Lavendería más ahorrativa en Bakersfield, Alma's Thrifty Wash es la mejor lavandería por monedas ubicada por Sterling y Niles!

¿Están ya hartos de las secadoras que no secan y las lavanderías caras que ni funcionan la mitad del tiempo?  Olvida gastar dinero de más en tarjetas que nunca se utiliza de todo.  En vez de eso aprovecha nuestras lavadoras y secadoras sencillas por monedas y ahorra tiempo y dinero.

Top-loader Laundromat Washers

At our laundromat the thrifty option is the top-loaders: With our top-loaders laundry is added through the top and the laundry is in a vertical position with a propeller agitator in the center of the basket. This agitation is the one of the best ways to remove soil and dirt from laundry, however, please be aware that the propeller agitator can damage delicate laundry. The laundry needs to be  suspended freely to allow the proper movement and agitation in order to clean effectively. This is why you must be careful not to overload and put too much laundry in. The less laundry you have the cleaner it will come out.

Make sure you do not add too much soap to your laundry and fabric softener can be be added between the washing and rinsing cycles. If you add it directly too soon most of it will uselessly wash out of you laundry before taking affect. Liquid laundry soap is superior to the solid forms because it does not completely dissolve thus cleaning less and leaving your laundry with a soap residue. Also make sure to properly balance your laundry load in the tub of the washer to achieve a proper spin cycle. Blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and jackets are all laundry items that are too big for top-loaders and the larger front-loaders must be used at our laundromat.

Front-loader Laundromat Washers

At our laundromat the best option are the front-loaders: With our front-loaders laundry is added through the front and being much larger they can handle the larger laundry items such as blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and jackets. In addition to offering a far superior laundromat wash, compared to the top-loaders, they will not damage delicate laundry.

Please be aware that these laundromat washers require much less soap, at 1/2 cup, than the top-loaders and care must be taken not to add too much to your laundry. Don’t waste your expensive soap!  In fact if you add too much then not all of the soap will wash out leaving your laundry all soapy. This also causes expensive soap build up and blockages within the washer and the laundromat’s drain system. If the door window is completely white with bubbles or if you ever get suds coming out of the washer then you have added way too much soap.

The front-loaders begin by slowly rolling the laundry under water entering to quickly moisten the load of laundry. They then auto-control the water level and use advanced techniques to take advantage of water tension to effectively pull water through the laundry. Front-loaders have paddles that act to tumble around the laundry and agitate away any soil. This more efficient laundromat method uses much less water and thus much less soap than the top-loaders. Care must still be taken to not overload them and never ‘pack’ laundry in. Again the less laundry you add the cleaner it’ll come out.

Laundry Detergents

Which laundry detergent is best to use at a laundromat? The answer to this question depends on how your clothes are soiled and how you plan to wash them. For light soil and delicate fabrics there are extra light detergents and detergents for washing by hand. For medium to heavy soiled clothes we recommend liquid detergent especially for oily and greasy clothes. The problem with powder detergent is that it does not dissolve properly: if you must use it then we recommend that you dissolve it first in a glass of hot water. Bleaches are usually too strong and will actually eat your clothes overtime. Instead color-safe bleaches can be used, along with pre-treating the affected area with liquid detergent, for tough to get out stains.

Alma's Thrifty Wash
1305 Sterling Rd.
Bakersfield, CA 93306

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